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In January 2006
I knew that I wanted to do something….What exactly, I wasn’t sure other than it had to be creative, beautiful and personal. Being the foodie that I am, enjoying entertaining friends with great food and wine, I decided that I would take something very basic, loved by all ages, and make them an extraordinary culinary experience.

One key element
was that they had to be packaged beautifully, presentation is everything, but the finale had to exceed all expectations of your average cookie. Needless to say, these are not “just” cookies.

So I embarked on a journey
with the help of my husband and teenage daughter, to put together collections of interesting flavors, textures and visuals that would entice all of your senses. From the moment you receive one of my gift boxes, the experience begins. The anticipation of what is inside is influenced by your first impression…the box. As you encounter each layer from untying the ribbon, removing the lid, pulling apart the perfectly folded tissue you begin to realize that something very special has been made specifically for you. Then you bite into something that you have never experienced before and are blown away by the unique flavor and texture.

Like I said,
Sweets from Mrs. Z are not “just” cookies!
These are a culmination of the freshest ingredients like fresh orange, lemon and key lime zest and their juices, interesting textures and original recipes. The end result are sweets like the Lemon that are the perfect parring with champagne or even lemon drop martinis, Chocolate Devils which are fantastic with a good Merlot, German Tea Cakes incredible dunking with your latte or cup of tea or just a big cold glass of milk.

So whether you need to send a gift or you just want the perfect finishing touch to your next dinner party, please consider Sweets from Mrs. Z , I guarantee you will find some new favorites.

Thank you for visiting our website and please indulge yourself, you deserve it!